Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS)

The Ӱ's Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS) encourages a strong culture of teaching, learning and scholarship in the Ignatian Tradition for a diverse university community. The department works with faculty and students to help create an environment that supports student learning, faculty enrichment, and the use of technology. We provide opportunities for faculty and students to work together to achieve academic success and have a positive learning experience. The University is fully committed to offering all of our students access to programs, facilities and services on an equal opportunity basis.

Home to academic services all working together to create a student learning environment that fosters growth and creating self-regulated learners, the OSSS is an academic student hub located on the 5th floor of Loyola Science Center (LSC). Contact: or (570)941-4038.

Our Services

 Tutoring Services   Disability Services

 The Writing Center   Student Success Services

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Student FAQs

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