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Web Disclaimer

The Ӱ's Web site exists to support its mission and to serve as a resource for information, education and research for students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, friends, and the general public. Academic and service departments will often make good use of the Web as an information tool by assembling pages of related links. Providing access to other Web resources does not in any way constitute an endorsement by The Ӱ of whatever view or opinion may be found either on the pages directly accessed or on others that could be visited in turn.

The Ӱ encourages students, staff and faculty to produce personal Web pages. Such pages are the responsibility of the author, and do not in any way constitute official Ӱ content.

The Ӱ is not responsible for errors or damages of any kind resulting from access to its Internet resources. All information published online by The Ӱ is subject to change without notice.

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