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"The wonderful truth remains that anything and everything we do at Scranton should be and will be done for our students first. Our shared focus is precisely where it belongs, on our students and their success.”
— Rev. Joseph G. Marina, S.J.,
President of The Ӱ

Our Strategic Plan Goals

The Humanities as a Foundation for Transformation

Ensure that the Scranton student experience is transformational, integrated and grounded in the humanities as a pathway to understanding the human experience in its many dimensions.

Faith, Passion and Purpose – The Student’s Journey

Engage students as individuals through personal attention that helps them explore their faith, discern their purpose and pursue their passion, as they work to create a more just and sustainable world.

Advancing the University Through Innovation

Advance the University into the future by challenging ourselves to educate and support an ever-changing, diverse landscape of students in ways that are affordable, relevant and innovative.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – A Welcoming and Supportive Community

Reflect and understand the diversity of the world by demanding that diversity be a priority as we build an inclusive community and campus culture, develop and deliver our education and shape our student experience.

Growing Partnerships in Our Mission

Invite and inspire our alumni, parents, friends and community to be partners in the mission of the University.

Explore Our Plan

  • The Planning Process

    Our Strategic Plan has its foundations in University-wide assessment and discernment. Click above to learn more about the strategic planning process.

    Goals and Objectives

    As we move forward into a new decade, The Ӱ embraces five strategic goals. Click above to read more about these goals and supporting objectives.

    Progress and Impact

    Like our planning process, the University’s approach to implementing the Strategic Plan and monitoring progress and impact will be highly collaborative. Click above to learn more about these activities, and our achievements.